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Friday, November 12, 2004

Cotton Checks

So here's what I decided to do with that Cotton Fleece. I decided against the Irish Hiking Scarf for this yarn because the pattern is not reversible. Since the yarn is not fuzzy at all, the WS would look pretty horrid. Sometimes you can get away with an ugly WS if the yarn has enough of a halo. I made up this super-complex scarf pattern last night, and I think it works pretty well. I think it will need some blocking to drape correctly. The pattern is just 30 stitches of K5/P5 basketweave with a 6-row repeat, flanked by 2 garter selvage stitches on each side to help the scarf stay flat. I guess I'll just keep going until I reach the end of my yarn - but I think this pattern just screams for end tassels of some sort.