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Friday, November 05, 2004


Okay, so the Kureyon Kap is done - and yes, it is itchy. But I love the way it matches other articles of clothing so well! Solid colors can be hard to mix-and-match, but these heathered stripes coordinate with lots of solids. I've worn this hat with a dark turquoise scarf, and a medium purple scarf, and it worked with both. I wonder if some other Noro yarn wouldn't be as itchy. I haven't looked into the fiber content of Silk Garden, but something tells me there's silk in it. And it's twice as expensive as Kureyon, and $$ = soft, right? Eh, we'll see. Of course, the new yarn shop by my house doesn't carry Noro yarns, so I'll have to go farther afield to check it out.