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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Let the gluttony begin!

I'm taking a brief hiatus from knitting content this week, as I begin my preparations for our big Thanksgiving feast. I'll post information about my plans for a different dish each day - today, the turkey! I've put in my turkey order at Larry's Market - their birds have treated us well in the past. Since I first started cooking Thanksgiving dinner three years ago, I've brined the turkey overnight in a saline solution recommended by Alton Brown, who usually has his head on straight when it comes to cooking (except for his pizza dough recipe - utterly bonkers). Anyway, in previous years, I've roasted the turkey according to a great Bon Appetit recipe, in which you roast the turkey atop a bed of thinly sliced onions, yielding a wonderfully rich caramelized onion gravy. And I used to be very anti-gravy before I discovered this recipe. Always on the lookout for something new, I spotted a very interesting recipe in Sunset magazine - a guajillo chile and tamarind-glazed turkey. I usually turn turkey leftovers into spicy turkey colorado (turkey stewed in ground dried chiles, stock, spices, and garlic), so why not have a southwestern kick for the main event?