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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I've gone completely hatty

The other night I met a friend for a knitting date at the Starbucks on 120th and Lake City Way. That Starbucks is always weird - but I found that if you complain about the weird things they do (like bring in a team of 12 cleaners to obsessively wipe down every surface in the store (shelves, floor, walls) while wearing motorcycle helmets (okay, that was only one of the cleaners)), you get free drink coupons in the mail! Now I visit that Starbucks almost hoping that they will do something weird. This time, a barista brought around a tray brimming with turkey sandwich samples. Come back with the cookie sample tray, cookie! I don't think that merits a complaint, though. Just a "huh?"
So anyway, I started this hat on my knitting date. Let me just say I heart making hats! They're so quick, even with 6 inches of 2x2 ribbing. I used to just make roll-brim hats, but they make my already sizeable head look ginormous. This hat is 80 stitches of Noro Kureyon, knitted in the round on my 16" 10.5 Inox needles. For some reason, 10.5 works perfectly for almost any yarn I want to turn into a hat. I'm a trifle worried that the Kureyon will itch my forehead. I may have to experiment with a fleece insert, like all the knit hats at Banana Republic.