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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Winter is on the way...

Ok, so maybe it's 65 degrees out, but it will be cold soon. I'm glad I have my hot water bottle all cozied up and ready for snuggling. The pattern is BAWK, by Rachael, pattern available here. I used Schoeller Esslinger Merino Light in bright pink and orange, originally purchased on the cheap from Elann, but it's no longer available. I bought the yarn in the days when I was just learning how to knit, so I had no idea that buying three balls each of six colors of yarn might not be that useful. Well, it's useful enough for small projects like this, and it's nice and smooth for some great stitch definition. I also used my trusty 10.5 16" Inox circular needles, in case you're interested. It seems like everything that's worth doing is worth doing on 10.5 needles. Though I also like my trusty number 3's.