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Saturday, October 09, 2004

If God didn't want me to buy yarn...

Why would He have a new yarn store pop up within easy walking distance of my house? The answer is simple - God wants me to buy yarn. Let's see what I can do to oblige... Today was the grand opening of Village Yarn and Tea Shop in Shoreline, WA. It seems like a nice little shop, and it was certainly very crowded on opening day. They carry standards like Cascade 220 and Rowan yarn$, as well as a very wide selection of novelty yarns. Crystal Palace Squiggle has some potential - I can imagine using it for some fun mitten cuffs. I would have liked to see a greater color selection, as well as more ribbon yarns. I would have also liked to see double-pointed needles in some material other than metal, and in the shorter lengths that I like to use for gloves. There's a nice seating area for sipping tea, and their custom black tea blend that I sampled was very unique and very good. I'm sure I'll be back there again and again, especially if I decide to make a silly scarf.